The growing influence of corporations on the governance of food systems, and how to counter it

NEW REPORT: ‘Who’s Tipping the Scales?’ documents a history of growing corporate influence over our food, and exposes how:

* Giant food and agriculture corporations have convinced governments and UN institutions they are indispensable solution providers to the world’s food challenges.

* As transnational food and farming companies grow ever bigger, they are embedding themselves in decision-making processes in increasingly innovative ways – funding key global food governance institutions, establishing coalitions and public-private partnerships with governments and UN institutions, and even devising UN summits (like the 2021 UN Food Systems Summit).

* Decision-making is weak on initiatives that hold firms to account for practices that cause harm to people and the planet.

* Renewed efforts are underway to rein in corporate influence and hold corporations accountable for human rights abuses, but these actions are incomplete, insufficient, and being stifled by powerful governments and corporations.

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