The Healthiest People Don’t Go To Gyms

According to a Time magazine article, people in towns or cities who have exercises worked into their daily routines have the healthiest and longest lives (like having good public transport where passengers walk to the station, many bicycle lanes, and cities with pedestrianisation, thus reducing dependence on cars).
In the past, there were no gyms and trainers and we have much less lifestyle-related or non-communicable diseases (like diabetes, heart diseases, strokes, obesity, cancer and others). Today there is an explosion of such diseases and they have become the main killers.
100 years ago only 10% of us had sedentary jobs, today it’s 90%. We just sit in front of the computers and don’t move. Then we go to the gyms occasionally.
Ironical that we now have to pay to get fit. And for memberships and trainers. All these were non-existent in the past and we were healthier!