The Majority Is Not Always Right

The TYRANNY OF THE MAJORITY is a problem in democracies. Does the majority listen to the minorities whose rights are trampled on? Do you expect the minority to keep quiet and accept the so-called march of progress when fishermen’s livelihoods are destroyed or affected like in the Penang Reclamation projects? Do you expect the minorities in Malaysia or anywhere to just keep quiet and accept whatever the majority dishes on them? One may be ruling right now (and is therefore the majority) but if one day one is the opposition, do you just keep quiet for the sake of the majority? If the majority is destroying the earth with climate change, do you just keep quiet? If the majority is racist in USA, do the minority blacks and coloured protest? The majority views do not mean they are always right, or that the minority is plainly wrong and accept the views of the majority. Minorities have rights too!