Open your bathroom cupboard: how many cosmetics and personal care products can you count? Some of us can use many different products on a daily basis, some of which we even re-apply throughout the day. But these cosmetics can be a significant source of our daily exposure to harmful chemicals, especially known and potential endocrine disruptors.
In fact, a recent study found that women may use between 12 to 16 personal care products in one day, which can translate into exposure to more than 160 chemical ingredients a day.
When it comes to endocrine disrupting chemicals, research shows that chronic exposure to even low doses of such compounds can contribute to numerous health disorders, including infertility and reproduction disorders, breast cancer, and impaired child brain and nervous system development. This points to the urgent need to minimise exposure to endocrine disruptors, starting with daily consumer products such as cosmetics and personal care products.
The following infographic by the Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL) and Tegengif/Erase All Toxins uncovers the story behind chemicals in cosmetics.