TM Reviews Its Charge For Printed Bills

Soon after CAP had raised the issue of TM charging RM5.00 for their printed bills starting January 2016, TM had in a meeting with CAP said that they were reconsidering the mechanism of how they deliver bills to their customers.

Also, in reply to letters that we had sent to the Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) and the Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Ministry (KKMM), both parties confirmed that TM has since modified the terms of their charge for printed bills.

The new terms of the charge for TM’s printed bills are as follows:-

1. Electronic billing (e-bill) by default starting January 2016 for customers who subscribe to Internet/Broadband (Streamyx and Unifi) only.

2.  For Internet/Broadband customers who would like to opt for printed bills as an additional option, TM has reduced it to a minimal fee of RM2.00 to cover the cost of printing.

3.  TM’s fixed line phone customers that do not subscribe to any TM broadband services (voice only) will continue to receive printed bills for free.

Consumers now have a choice of how they want to receive their TM bills.

29 January 2016