Tree Removal Causes Massive Traffic Jam in Green Lane, Penang

Tree uprooting work being carried out.

The Penang Island City Council (MBPP)’s road widening project in Green Lane caused a massive traffic jam early this morning.

Sixteen trees along a stretch of Jalan Masjid Negeri were slated to be moved for the road widening project. The uprooting of the trees was done at night, beginning last week. When it came to the twelfth tree, the operations hit a snag because workers alarmingly discovered live electricity cable at the roots.

Traffic jam at Greenlane due to uprooting of trees.

Fortunately for the workers, they stopped in time before any untoward accident happened. The question is how did the authorities not know about the underground utilities? Isn’t it vital for identification of utilities especially underground utilities in the road designing process?

Accurate information about the location of utilities is necessary especially when excavation or grading work is under way. Besides potential damage to the utility, the information is important to reduce serious safety risk as it may result in death, personal injury or property damage.

CAP had earlier raised the necessity of the road widening project which involves uprooting and transplanting trees. Our objections to the State and the MBPP were ignored, and the “Green” mantra of the State remains a mantra.

Press Statement, 12 August 2016