The Health Ministry has revoked the notification of cosmetics products Beaute Treatment Cream and Beaute Nite Cream, which can no longer be sold in Malaysia as they have been found to contain scheduled poisons.

Beaute Treatment Cream has been identified to contain hydroquinone, tretinoin and betamethasone 17-valerate, while Beaute Nite Cream had mercury and betamethasone 17-valerate.

Mercury could be absorbed into the body and cause damage to the kidneys and nervous system, as well as disrupt the brain development of young or unborn children, besides causing rashes, irritation and other changes to the skin.

“Hydroquinone can cause skin redness, discomfort, skin discolouration and hypersensitivity. It can also inhibit the pigmentation process (depigmentation), which reduces the skin’s protection from harmful ultraviolet rays, thus increasing the risk of skin cancer,” said Health director-general Datuk Dr Muhammad Radzi Abu Hassan in a statement on 15 September 2023.

The use of tretinoin could cause redness of the skin, discomfort, stinging, peeling and sensitivity to sunlight, while betamethasone 17-valerate can cause thinning of the facial skin, irritation, acne, changes in skin pigmentation and increase the risk of being absorbed into the blood circulation system, which can have harmful effects.

The public is encouraged to check the notification status of cosmetics products at the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA) official website or through the NPRA Product Status application that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Source: Bernama