Consumers Association Penang (CAP) urges the state government and city council to investigate and take immediate action to solve road problems such as uneven surface, deformation, cracking and potholes in several areas in Penang.

These conditions not only inconvenience and frustrate road users but also raise concerns as it may affect the safety of the road users if left unresolved.

CAP is disappointed as complaints fall on deaf ears over the years with no action being taken by relevant authorities involved.

CAP believes that serious repercussions will befallen road users if such poor road conditions are not being taken seriously by the state government and local authorities.

Among roads that are affected are Bukit Gedung, Bayan Baru, Sungai Ara, Jelutong, Sungai Pinang and Georgetown area.

Based on CAP’s survey, CAP has found that roads around the affected area are cracked, uneven and with potholes after being resurfaced by contractors, causing road users particularly motorcyclists to dodge and at times cause collision on these dangerous roads.

Besides that, CAP has also received complaints from users regarding the road conditions in nearby construction sites; the roads are covered with soil and sand from lorries that transport these materials.

CAP stresses that if this problem persists, this will pose as a potential threat to the safety of frequent road users particularly motorcyclists which consist of civil servants, factory workers and school students.

Hence, CAP expects the state government and city council to give full attention and take immediate action to resolve this issue before an accident takes place.

Press Statement, 6th March 2017