Vegetarians have up to 50% LESS CANCER

A STUDY conducted among 50,000 vegetarians (the Seventh-Day Adventists) revealed results that shook the world of cancer research. The study clearly showed that this group has an astonishingly low rate of all types of cancer, and a significantly longer life span.

Another study of Mormons in California showed that cancer occurs in this group at a rate of 50% less than in the normal population. Mormons characteristically eat little meat.

Why do meat-eaters get more cancer? One reason might be the fact that animal flesh which is several days old naturally turns a sickly grey-green colour. The meat industry tries to mask this discolouration by adding nitrites, nitrates and other preservatives.

These substances make the meat appear red, but many of them have repeatedly been shown to be carcinogenic (cancer-inducing).

British and American scientists who have studied the intestinal bacteria of meat-eaters compared to vegetarians have found significant differences. The bacteria in the meat-eaters’ intestines react with the digestive juices to cause cancer.

This may explain why cancer of the bowel is very prevalent in meat-eating areas like North America and Western Europe, while it is extremely rare in vegetarian countries such as India.