Victims of the Ah Long scourge

It is nothing new to read in the papers about a house been splashed with red paint by Ah Longs or a parent tearfully and publicly disowning a son in the hope that the Ah Longs will leave the rest of the family alone. Now and then an Ah Long victim may take his own life as  it is the only way to escape.

Case I

A farm manager drank weed killer after incurring a RM90,000 gaming loss as a result of  betting on the Euro 2008.  He left behind a wife and 4 young children.  According to his father he had earlier given more than RM1 million to pay of his son’s debts. (The Star 26.6.08)

Case 2

A man who had jumped out of the Gentling Highlands Hotel Restaurant window was saved by the Gentling Skyway safety net.  He had tried to commit suicide as he was deep in debt to the loan sharks. (The Star 9.4.08)

Case 3

A lawyer went missing in July after being hounded by 31 loan sharks came forward to tell his side of the story.  He said his troubles began when he borrowed RM30,000 for a friend.  When the loan was not serviced he borrowed another RM100,000 from the  loan sharks He said that even though he had paid most of the money with an interest rate of RM5,000 per day his debts is now more than RM300,000.

Unable to take the daily harassment and threatening calls, he had sought protection from gangsters.  It only worsens his problem when the gangsters allegedly demanded RM50, 000 for their services.

His wife had also earlier lodged several police report on the loan sharks who were harassing her after he disappeared.   The loan sharks had splashed paint on her car and house and even pasted offensive poster and photocopies of the husband’s identity card on the gates of the house.   (The Star 15.8.08)

Case 4

Threats by loan sharks are believe to have driven a borrower to slit his wrist and set his house on fire a in a suicide bid. The borrower’s brother had also received a threatening note in his office asking that the  RM160,000 be settled.  (The Star 13.8.08)

Case 5

A 70 year old mother publicly announced that she was severing ties with her  second young son (known to be a gambler) when loan sharks started to harass her. The loan sharks had splashed paint on the walls of her house.  Three loan sharks had demanded that the mother paid up the debts amounting to RM50,000. (The Star 25.9.08)