Vision & Mission


Giving a voice to the little people – that is the objective of the Consumers’ Association of Penang. And that’s what we have been doing since our establishment in 1970.

CAP is a consumer organization with a difference. Fighting for fair prices and good quality products and services is just one of our many activities. Our main concern is ensuring the right of every consumer to basic needs such as food, housing, health care, sanitation facilities, public transport, education and a clean environment. We want to encourage within the people – especially the poor whose needs often go unnoticed – the spirit and the confidence to represent their case to government, to the public and to the private companies that oppress them.

Through research, educational and representational activities, we hope to influence people at all levels: so that policy makers in government look at how their development policies affect ordinary people, and give priority to basic needs; so that ordinary people think more critically and have the strength to resist trends and practices (e.g.: smoking, gambling) that can only make their lives more deprived.


To promote and strive for a more ecologically sound and socially just society.