The Consumers Association of Penang (CAP) urged the Penang state government, Department of Environment (DOE) and Fisheries Department to disclose their findings regarding the source of heavy metal pollution in the waters off Tanjung Bungah, Teluk Bahang and Penang National Park.

CAP is shocked and concerned as the heavy metal pollution not only threatens marine life but is also potentially dangerous to public health.

Local media reported results of an analysisthat high nickel levels were detected at 944% higher than normal levels in the Penang National Park area. The study by the University of Science Malaysia,Centre for Marine and Coastal Studies (CEMACS) also showed high concentrations of lead found over 184%, while cadmium was 32% higher than normal.

According to Profesor Datuk Dr Aileen Tan from CEMACS the pollution was detected about two months ago and most likely is the cause of death of marine life in the waters here.

According to her, the pollution issue has been reported to the DOE and Fisheries Department but the source of pollution has yet to be identified.

CAP is upset by the attitude of the Penang government, the departments and agencies concerned for their slow investigations, and have yet to detect the cause of this pollution. CAP also urges analysis of heavy metal content and concentration in fish, shellfish and sediments in the waters here.

CAP is concerned that the environment, marine life and source of livelihood of local fishers will be affected if this pollution problem prolongs.

Hence, integrated action should be taken urgently by the state government, relevant ministry,  departments and agencies to address this alarming issue.

The results of the investigation and action taken by the government on this issue should be publicly disclosed.


Press Statement, 14 May 2019