WHICH do you value more – YOUR MONEY OR YOUR LIFE?

In today’s consuming culture, most people wouldn’t mind having more money to spend. But while money matters in life, ie for meeting basic needs, always wanting more, or having more and spending more may not necessarily be a good thing. Too much money shatters one’s life.

That’s no preachy philosophy, but an emerging scientific verdict from a growing body of research today. Based on statistics and psychological tests, psychologists today are repeating what clerics and philosophers have preached for millennia: Money can’t buy happiness (or health) – but happiness (and health) may buy money.

If you’re poor in “Vitamin M”, be thankful for findings indicate the less wealthy tend to have a more meaningful life than the rich – having less makes you happier, having more makes you sick.

We examine why money is your best friend and also your worst enemy, probe the hidden causes of modern society’s money mania, and investigate if materialism is indeed bad for health, as psychologists everywhere now warn.

MORE INFO: https://consumer.org.my/product/the-happiness-factor/