Do you know: Yoga is more than a workout, it’s a healthy lifestyle – a compass for living a meaningful life. This mind-body discipline, based on ancient Indian philosophy, is inscribed on UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage List. It was added to the prestigious list in recognition of its influence on Indian society, from health and medicine to education and the arts (read more:

Yoga is not just about balance and well-being, it’s also about community. The United Nations, in its 21 June 2022 International Day of Yoga message, says: “The essence of yoga is balance – not just balance within the body, or that between the mind and the body, but also balance in the human relationship with the world.

“Yoga emphasizes the values of mindfulness, moderation, discipline and perseverance. When applied to communities and societies, Yoga offers a path for sustainable living. Yoga can be an important instrument in the collective quest of humanity for promoting sustainable lifestyle in harmony with planet Earth.” (Read more:


Now practised all over the world, yoga has tons of health benefits, validated by science. Research has shown that yoga may: improve flexibility, build strength and endurance, reduce stress, improve sleep, benefit heart health, encourage healthy eating habits, reduce inflammation, and ease and prevent back pain (read more:

This ancient health practice is over 5,000 years old and is one of the oldest known physical disciplines in the world. But it’s more than a physical exercise. Yoga helps you live a fuller, better life with its collection of ancient knowledge, or 8-fold path to right living (read more: These guidelines, written between 5th century BCE and 4th century CE, help you to be at peace with the world and people around you.