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Day: April 27, 2011

Make sustainable agriculture mainstream

The Consumers’ Association of Penang (CAP) calls on the government to mainstream sustainable agriculture in Malaysia. Malaysia is currently facing increasing challenges in the form of food price increases and climate change, requiring a re-look at the agriculture sector and agricultural policies. It is clear that there is a need for a radical overhaul of the agriculture sector in order for...
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CAP shows the way with earthworms

Vermihome — a place to breed earthworms — has been successfully initiated by the Consumers Association of Penang (CAP), as part of our programme to promote sustainable agriculture. The vermihome was set up to educate the public on how to convert kitchen and garden wastes into vermicompost which is very useful for organic farming. The home will also serve as a training place for those...
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TV retards your child’s development

"A 'good' brain for learning develops strong and widespread neural highways that can quickly and efficiently assign different aspects of a task to the most efficient system… Such efficiency is developed only by active practice in thinking and learning which, in turn, builds increasingly stronger connections. A growing suspicion among brain researchers is that excessive television viewing may...
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More arguments against TV

Excessive TV watching can also lead to a wide range of physical, psychological and social problems. Here are 17 more arguments for the elimination of television. HYPERACTIVITY INDUCER THERE is mounting evidence that the rapid movements of sounds and images on TV is a major cause of hyperactivity. The worst thing one can do for a hyperactive child is to put him in front of the TV set. The physical...
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The burden of literacy

Any knowledge system that does not build on the collective wisdom of the past is bound to fall short of the demands placed upon it. By Korah Mathen Let me state at the very outset, in no uncertain terms, that I am all in favour of achieving literacy but not unquestioningly and not without some concerns and reservations. I neither subscribe to the kinds of ghastly horror story that are associated...
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Added school fee problems for parents

CAP is disturbed at the wide range of additional school fees that are permitted to be charged at individual schools — even going over RM100 and more. It is very well for the Education Minister to say that parents do not have to comply or that they can take their money back. But in reality, can the Minister actually guarantee that the children whose parents have not paid these additional fees...
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Processing people to serve industry

Human beings are being used as the principal raw material for the growth and expansion of industrial society, says the writer. Thus, education for example has come to mean the production of workers with skills demanded by industry. By Jeremy Seabrook The perception that we live in a "post-indusrial society" could scarcely be more false. Simply because in Britain the old sites of industrial...
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Helping your child to see through advertising hype

Television can be an important learning tool for your children, but it must be used with the greatest care. As part of the television "picture", advertising can provide your children with a great deal of information about the world around them. But, it must always be remembered that children need close parental guidance when it comes to advertising. It is useful with very young children to start...
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Penang Botanic Gardens marred by monstrosities

The Consumers’ Association of Penang is appalled that the Tourism Ministry has proceeded with the monstrosity of arches and buildings that mar the greenery and the natural beauty of the Penang Botanic Gardens. The Botanic Gardens, often referred to as the Waterfall Gardens, is Penang’s unique natural heritage. It is situated in a valley surrounded by jungle clad hills and is a popular tourist...
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Our beloved cars – the price we pay

Since the automobile age began, over 17 million men, women and children have died worldwide as the result of this mobile metal box. Certainly any other invention which had killed such a great number of people would be heavily scrutinised by the public and placed in the spotlight for serious questioning. Despite the given statistics, we justify the use of our cars at any cost.   Public enemy...
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