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Day: March 4, 2014

Ensure Poultry Slaughtering Centres Have Halal Certificates

CAP calls on the government to ensure that all poultry slaughter houses that the poultry supplied to the Muslims should have halal certificates. This matter is urgent in view of the doubts raised concerning the halal status of method and process of slaughtering chickens in the slaughterhouses in the country. The cleanliness of the centres have also come under wide criticism. Every time the issue...
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Wireless Mobile Devices are Weapons of Mass Distraction

The Consumers Association of Penang urges parents to monitor and limit children’s time spent on Wireless Mobile Devices (WMD) which are ubiquitous and their use obsessive. These devices like smartphones, tablets, phablets, notebooks or other digital devices are weapons of mass distraction because of their addictive nature, multifunctionality, mobility and omnipresence. WMDs are stuck to us...
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