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Day: November 14, 2014


Malaysians must reduce sugar intake by 80%

November 14 is World Diabetes Day. On this occasion, the Consumers Association of Penang calls on consumers to reduce their sugar intake by as much as 80% to curb diabetes which is increasing at an alarming rate in Malaysia. We are the top country in ASEAN for having the highest number of diabetics and sixth in the Western Pacific region. The prevalence rate of the disease in Malaysia had shot...
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Concerns Regarding Our Cyber Security And Electronic Banking Still Unanswered

The Associations of Banks in Malaysia (ABM) has endeavoured to address the Consumers Association of Penang’s (CAP) concerns regarding Malaysia’s cyber security but unfortunately have left many queries unanswered. CAP believes it is necessary that we spell out our concerns clearly and in detail once more, so that they may be addressed appropriately; and we hope that relevant parties are able...
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