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Day: June 29, 2018

Villages near Marudi facing acute clean water shortage

At a time when the country is undergoing such a historic political transition, Sahabat Alam Malaysia (SAM) wishes to draw attention to the plight of our indigenous communities who have long been deprived of their rights to basic services. In Sarawak, Sabah and Peninsular Malaysia, a significant section of our indigenous population has yet to have access to a clean water supply system, electricity...
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Stay Away From Processed Foods

The Consumers’ Association of Penang (CAP) is appalled that brands of tinned sardines contaminated with worms have once more been discovered in our Malaysian market. In mid-April of this year, the health ministry announced that two brands of tinned sardines imported from China and sold in Malaysia were contaminated with dead worms. A little over two months later, six more brands of tinned...
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