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Day: May 21, 2019

Confusion, Doubts & Loopholes on Halal Status

The Consumers Association of Penang congratulates the government on its effort to table the National Halal Council Bill, which will deal with all aspects of the Halal industry. The new Act should help to ensure that producers act more responsibly in labelling food and products as Halal, rather than place the burden on consumers to determine the Halal status of the product. The Act should clarify...
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Consumer rights champion

by MARTIN KHOR* Honorary Secretary, Consumers’ Association of Penang Advisor, Third World Network SM Mohamed Idris was one of a kind. He was a force of nature. And in more ways than one. His passing away on May 17 was the passing of an era. I doubt we will be so fortunate to have someone like him again. He had such an incredible mind, with an insatiable thirst for information on all kinds of...
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