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Day: October 13, 2020


The first 5 years of life is associated with better motor and cognitive development, emotional and social development, cardiometabolic health, bone and skeletal health and reduced risk of injuries. In fact, the time lost from birth through age 5 cannot be made up for in later years. Certain aspects of brain development only occur during certain ages, and a child who misses out on the appropriate...
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“GET-OUT-OF-MY-WAY” automobility

"Car-travel interrupts the taskscapes of others (pedestrians, children going to school, postmen, garbage collectors, farmers, animals and so on), whose daily routines are obstacles to the high-speed traffic cutting mercilessly through slower-moving pathways and dwellings. Junctions, roundabouts, and ramps present moments of carefully scripted inter-car-action during which non-car users of the...
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