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Day: October 29, 2020

Particularly Dangerous to PREGNANT WOMEN

Exposure to lead can be harmful to the unborn baby because lead in the mother’s blood passes through the placenta. Complications from high levels of exposure include premature birth, low birth weight, or even miscarriage or stillbirth. Breastfeeding mothers can also pass lead on to their infants via their breast milk. The effects of lead exposure continue after birth and can result in impaired...
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Lead In Paints Affects Children More

Children are exposed to lead when painted surfaces deteriorate over time and break down to paint dust to contaminate the environment. Children ages 0-6 engaging in normal hand-to-mouth behaviours are most at risk of damage to their intelligence and mental development from exposure to lead dust and lead in the soil. The health impacts of lead exposure on young children’s brains are lifelong,...
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Consumer watchdog calls for lead regulation

CAP and the International Pollutants Elimination Network's joint TEST FINDINGS on LEAD IN SPRAY PAINTS were reported in The Vibes  (28 October 2020). Check out the details in the report below. UN Environment Programme World Health Organization (WHO) IPEN: for a toxics-free future For more info on "Lead and Your Ill Health", get the guide here
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