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Day: February 17, 2021

Zero Waste And Economic Recovery

ZERO WASTE should be a central job-creation strategy in COVID-19 economic recovery plans. Recent data from cities around the world clearly shows that zero waste CREATES OVER 200 TIMES AS MANY JOBS as landfills and incinerators. What’s good for the environment is also good for the economy! The COVID-19 crisis has laid bare the many other illnesses within our current system. With the connected...
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We Are Drowning In Waste. ACT NOW

188 Environmental Groups Call for an End to Single Use Products, as the United Nations Environment Assembly gets set to discuss sustainability. Make “throwaway go away” if you care about the planet, the groups say. February 17, 2021 – As government representatives from 193 member states prepare to discuss “Strengthening Actions for Nature”, 188 environmental groups from around the...
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