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Day: February 21, 2021

Which Alternative Fibres Can We Use To Make Packaging?

Which alternative fibres can we use to make packaging? a) Wheat Straw Residue b) Recycled Cotton c) Recycled Burlap Bags d) Hemp Residue ANSWER: ALL OF THEM! Recycled and alternative fibres have already been proven to be a fantastic fibre source for packaging. In addition, #NextGenSolutions fibre solutions, such as wheat straw and other agricultural residues, are increasingly available for use...
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CASE 2 An elderly person had an insurance policy to cover 36 critical illnesses. He suffered a stroke (an illness covered by his policy) and lost mobility in one arm; thus, he put in a claim. However, the claim was denied by the company, resulting in him making a complaint to CAP. CAP wrote to the company asking for the reason(s) for declining the claim. The reply was shocking to say the least....
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