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Day: October 11, 2022

Asian civil society calls on E.U. to end dental amalgam trade

As the European Union moves to 100% mercury-free dentistry, Asian civil society is insisting the amalgam trade end at the same time. Dental amalgam comprising 50% mercury, is toxic and inconsistent with the environment and modern dentistry.  After a decade of studies and partial bans, the European Union appears poised to set an end date for its use, as is happening elsewhere in the world....
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Transformative Cities: CAP’s Urban Farming Project

When 80-year-old Ch'ng Ah Bee first heard that the Senior Citizens Association in Scotland Road, Penang was going to start an eco-farm, she was more than excited as she can now put her gardening skills to good use. "I used to live in a landed property and had space to have my own little garden where I planted a lot of vegetation,” Ch'ng said. "But when I moved to a condominium, space was...
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Green Action Week 2022: Sharing Community “From Leftovers to Meals”

PRESS STATEMENT by CAP President Mohideen Abdul Kader on the need to avoid food wastage in conjunction with CAP's "From Leftovers to Meals" public campaign held at CAP's premises on 8 October 2022: DON'T LET EDIBLE LEFTOVER FOOD GO TO WASTE The Consumers Association of Penang (CAP) is celebrating this year’s Green Action Week themed “Sharing Community” by providing tips on how to convert...
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