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Day: October 28, 2022


Ants can reduce pests on a level on par with pesticides, says a new study from Brazil. Researchers looked at 52 studies on 17 different crops. The crops included citrus, mango, soya cauliflower, cotton, and sweet potatoes, grown in countries including the US, the UK, Brazil, and Australia. Ants were found to be efficient at keeping a range of pests at bay. The more diverse the ant population was,...
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Transformative Cities

Dear CAP supporters and friends, Thank you for voting CAP's initiative for the Transformative Cities People's Choice Award 2022. Half way through the voting process, CAP is in second place. Please circulate this link and request your friends to vote for CAP. If you haven't voted, please do before 6th November at  
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Mindful Eating Benefits Health Mindful eating – being aware of all facets of the eating process – promotes healthy eating and improves mental health. It improves eating behaviours (thus reducing overeating and binge eating) and keeps you full with less food (thus encourages weight control), promotes better digestion, and helps you make healthier food choices. Many dietary guidelines now...
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