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Day: April 12, 2023

Over-Emphasis on Safety Means Kids Are Becoming More Anxious and Less Resilient – Neuroscience News

Parental overprotection has been shown to foster unhealthy coping mechanisms in children. Overprotected children are more likely to both internalise problems (as in anxiety and depression) and external ise them (as in delinquency, defiance or substance abuse). It is natural to want to avoid problems, but avoiding things that bring us discomfort can reinforce a belief that we cannot handle...
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Garlic has many health benefits: > Contains bioactive antibiotic: allicin > Suppresses growth of viral infections > Boosts your body's immune system > Reduces high blood pressure > Reduces cholesterol levels > Helps in prevention of cancer > May prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia
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Fruits are best eaten whole. When you consume a whole fruit you are consuming the flesh, the skin and the pulp. Each of these parts contain different sets of nutrients – such as fibre and flavonoids in the skin and vitamins and minerals in the flesh and even more fibre in the pulp. The nutrients in each component interact with each other, enhancing their digestion and absorption into the body....
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