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Day: August 4, 2023

State Polls: Penang Fisherfolk Issue 5 Demands to Candidates

Penang's beaches and marine ecosystems face multiple challenges, including rampant reclamation projects, marine pollution and inadequate protection for coastal fisherfolk. The Penang Fisherfolk’s Association (Pen Mutiara) was established under the Fishermen’s Association Act 1971, over fifty years ago. It is an organisation that has the legal responsibility to represent and protect the...
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Food for thought

Malaysia may become a world leader in food waste without even planning to be one. According to the Ungku Aziz Centre for Development Studies of Universiti Malaya, on an average day, Malaysians generate 38,000 tonnes of waste, 44 per cent of which is food waste. In a very peculiar Malaysian fashion, we talk of food security while dumping nearly 17,000 tonnes of food waste daily. Malaysians need a...
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