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Day: September 29, 2023

Climate change: Six young people take 32 countries to court

"What I felt was fear," says Claudia Duarte Agostinho as she remembers the extreme heatwave and fires that ripped through Portugal in 2017 and killed more than 100 people. "The wildfires made me really anxious about what sort of future I would have." Claudia, 24, her brother Martim, 20, and her sister Mariana, 11, are among six young Portuguese people who have filed a lawsuit against 32...
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Excessive Levels of Bacteria, Toxins Found in the Products The Singapore authorities have ordered a recall of two mooncake products sold in Singapore because they contain ingredients that exceeded regulatory limits, namely a bacteria or toxins produced by fungi. The products are: > Joymom’s Musang King Snowskin Mooncake, with an expiry date of March 5, 2024 > Fragrance’s Single Yolk...
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Of Rivers and Heart-ware

Want to know why our rivers continue to be polluted despite all efforts to keep them clean? Here is a royal insight from Sultan of Perak Sultan Nazrin Muizzuddin Shah. We have been focusing on hardware (science and technology) and software (policy, regulations and norms), with not enough attention to a critical element in the fight against river pollution: heart-ware. "The health of our river...
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You ARE Traffic

This signage is a good reminder: When you’re driving, you’re not stuck in traffic. You ARE traffic. You ARE why congestion, bumper-to-bumper queues, and gridlock form. A typical response from traffic planners has often been “let’s widen the roads and build even more of them, too.” But new roads attract more traffic – a concept known as “induced demand”. As the great American...
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In modern society, people are eating more highly processed foods than ever, which are low in nutrients. What we're eating now very often isn't food, cautions Michael Pollan, journalist and author of the book, In Defense of Food. "We are eating a lot of… food-like substances… highly processed things that might be called yoghurt, cereals, whatever, but in fact are very intricate products of...
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