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Day: October 17, 2023

Indigenous tribes made ill from processed foods

by Monica Piccinini Malnutrition and chronic disease are impacting remote Amazonian tribes because of an influx of ultra-processed foods. The health conditions afflicting the Yanonami community in the Brazilian Amazon such as malnutrition and chronic diseases are a result of the violation of their rights, unstable socio-economic conditions, and ongoing land disputes. These circumstances have led...
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WASTE COLONIALISM Dumping of Plastic Waste in Developing Countries Affects Local People’s Health and Environment, Creates Microplastics Problem The global plastics production and trade of plastic waste has grown tremendously over the recent decades. Plastic waste is mostly traded under the banner of plastic “recycling”. A rich and developed country should have the capacity to manage its...
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Philip Morris lobbying to stop WHO ‘attack’ on vapes and similar products

Exclusive: Leaked email shows firm behind Marlboro cigarettes critical of global ‘prohibitionist’ agenda Philip Morris International (PMI), the tobacco and vaping company behind Marlboro cigarettes, is waging a big lobbying campaign to prevent countries from cracking down on vapes and similar products as part of a global treaty, a leaked email reveals. The company, which has been...
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