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Day: December 22, 2023

Stop the genocide in Palestine!

Sahabat Alam Malaysia is a member of Friends of the Earth International (FoEI) and we support the following statement released by Friends of the Asia Pacific in solidarity with our sister organisation Palestinian Environmental NGOs Network (PENGON)/Friends of the Earth Palestine, who have lost staff, family members and friends as well as their offices in Gaza over the last 10 weeks of assault by...
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Grow Indoor Plants – They are Nature’s Cooling System Did you know that indoor plants are more than just stylish decor? They're eco-friendly allies in your mission to reduce energy use at home. Indoor plants don't just add a touch of green – they also play a cool role in regulating temperatures. Plants can keep your house cool because they lose water during transpiration, which cools the...
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It can be tempting to brush off our children’s problems, especially if we have had a bad day or if we are busy. But our children need to know that we are going to listen to them. This will make it more likely our children will talk with us about their hopes and problems when they are older. Active listening is a good way to improve your communication with your child, says the Centers for...
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We need to work together to build a better world for all. Organisations participating in Green Action Week plan campaigns that focus on practical ways to bring about sustainable consumption while delivering benefits for the common good, focusing on relationships, illustrating equality and respect for all, showing care for people and planet and working to bring about economic and social justice....
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