Drain at Jalan Sungai Bakau so filthy and need urgent attention from Local Council authorithy.

Sahabat Alam Malaysia (SAM) urges Majlis Perbandaran Seberang Perai (MPSP), Irrigation and Drainage Department (DID), Health Department of Penang and other authorities to investigate and resolve the problem of polluted ditches that are filled with trash at Jalan Sungai Bakau, near Hon Seng Rice Mill Sdn Bhd.

SAM’s survey here found that the water quality in the ditch has deteriorated and it is foamy, emitting bad odour and filled with trash.  The residents nearby here are uncomfortable and concerned of the poor water quality and condition of the ditch due to possible impact to their health.  We are also concerned of the foamy waters which may be caused by effluents from commercial premises in the area.

Various waste such as polystyrene containers, plastic water bottles, plastic bags, empty cans, etc can be found in the drain in Jalan Sungai Bakau.  The trash is said to be the cause of the ditch getting clogged and water remaining stagnant.  Subsequently people are worried that it is a breeding ground for mosquitoes and if not contained it can lead to the spread of diseases.  Hence, we urge the Health Department to conduct an inspection at the area.

The drainage system filled with trash also enters the nearby oil palm smallholdings. According to residents whom we met, every time it rains, water overflows to the main road and enters their homes. They lamented that lately they rarely see the water in the ditch flowing smoothly. In fact the drainage system has become worse.

SAM urges appropriate action to be taken immediately, including the upgrading of the drainage system to ensure good quality of life and environment for the people living in this area. SAM hopes that the relevant authorities would go to the field and inspect the drainage system.

In this regard, SAM urges the concerned parties to take this matter seriously. The threat to the environment will worsen if this problem is not resolved now.

Media Statement, 26 March 2018