CAP worries sand quarry activities harmful to safety of residents

Consumers’ Association of Penang (CAP) is worried about the sand quarry activity at Kupang district of Baling in Kedah which has been reported to be harming the environment as well as affecting the livelihood of local village residents at that area. 

An incident such as collapsing of bridges, Mosque Ehsaniah’s walls and houses is very alarming. Erosion problems and worse river sediments and flash floods may occur if this situation is left unattended and is not immediately addressed. 

Commenting on local press report (Sinar Harian : 13 October 2018) regarding a recent incident, CAP urges that investigation and actions has to be taken immediately by the authorities before more unwanted incidents occurs as sand erosion is massively taking place in this place here. 

CAP is disappointed that even though the effects of this activity have been long overdue, yet until now no effective action has been taken. 

CAP hopes that the Kedah government, Local authority, Baling District Office, Environment Department, and Land and Mineral Office as well as the drainage department take legal actions against parties involved.

CAP believes that if the matter is left it would be harmful to the environment and the livelihood of the local village residents around the quarry. 

CAP also urges the authorities involved to give compensation to the residents that are affected and having losses as a result of the incident.  CAP will be sending official letters to the Kedah state government, local authority, and the involved departments regarding this matter requesting action be taken immediately.


Press Statement, 16 October 2018