Malaysians need to take the Movement Control Order seriously

Malaysia is now in its second day of the 2020 Malaysia Movement Control Order. Considering the gravity of the situation, we expected to see abandoned malls, vacant hawker centres and empty sidewalks. Instead we saw people out and about as usual, going on strolls with their dogs and babies, and dining in for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

So far Malaysia has 790 confirmed Covid – 19 cases and 2 deaths from this disease (accurate at the time of writing). However, even with these numbers many Malaysians are still not taking this crisis seriously.

The Movement Control Order was implemented so that people would restrict where they go and who they meet. People are not supposed be congregating in large groups be it intentional or not.

You may think that you do not have a fever and you are not coughing so you are fine to go out and mingle; but you would be sorely mistaken. The reason the experts are afraid, and they keep warning us to be extra careful is because the Covid – 19 virus is highly contagious; and this is because it can spread even when the carrier is asymptomatic. This means you are infecting people, if you have the Covid – 19 virus, even when you are not coughing, and you do not have fever.

This is the reason our government has imposed a 14-day Movement Control Order. So that you do not unknowingly spread it to your family, friends and colleagues. So that you do not end up being the cause of our health system being further overburdened in these trying times.

The Consumers Association of Penang (CAP) asks that the rakyat take the threat of the Covid – 19 disease seriously. Be responsible and stay home; and only go out when necessary. Do not wait for the police to threaten you with lockup time and fines but take the initiative to not loiter in public places. If you see people hanging out where they should not be, educate them on severity of this disease…even if they call you a kay poh chee (busybody) for doing so.


Letter to the Editor, 19 March 2020