The Money Book




ISBN 978-983-104-186-4
Book size: 140 x 215mm
Pages: 280

How many of us are born moneywise? On the other hand how many of us muddle through money matters, never quite knowing how to manage? Well, whatever your age, income or marital status, The Money Book shows you how as it guides you along the rocky path to financial security.

Along the way it’ll tell you about:-

  • ¬†smart budgeting, saving & spending
  • ¬†hire purchase and easy-payment schemes
  • ¬†credit cards
  • ¬†the debt trap & bankruptcy
  • ¬†the real cost of buying a house or car
  • ¬†medical & legal fees
  • ¬†the truth about insurance
  • ¬†the problem with banks
  • ¬†EPF & Socso
  • ¬†income tax
  • ¬†money in marriage ‚ÄĒ and divorce
  • ¬† retirement wills …

But The Money Book is more than just a guide. It also delves into the workings of our financial system, its policies, and shortcomings, an eye-opener in the ways we consumers may have been short changed.


How To Spend Wisely  /  What You Should Know About Banks  /  Beware Of Lavish Spending  /  The Debt Trap  /  A Roof Over Your Head  /  Buying A Car  / Buying Insurance  /  Paying For Services  /  Your Job And Your Rights  / Social Security  /  Paying Income Tax  / Tying The Knot  /  Retirement And After  / Being Smart About Subsidies

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