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Day: June 27, 2020

Can we get well with less money?

It's not only possible but more healthy. It is true that good food is cheaper because processed foods can be very expensive. Natural and fresh foods are also more nutritious. They also have no food additives which are added not for eating, but for longer shelf-life; replace lost colours and flavours; and other needs of the food industry. You can get more vitamins, minerals, and proteins at low...
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Processed food products contain much higher sodium when compared to their natural counterparts.

French fries routinely carry over 7.5 times more sodium than fresh ones (ie potato). A canned tomato juice drink contains almost 6 times more sodium when compared to a tomato. Meats prepared at fast-food joints (namely fried chicken) can have 3 times as much sodium as fresh meat. Too much sodium is bad for our health. It is known to cause strokes, high blood pressure, heart problems, kidney...
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Tie-wearers are compressing their veins and creating an unhealthy build-up of pressure.

Researchers from University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein in Germany say it might cause problems for groups that are already at risk from blood pressure issues, like smokers or the elderly. Cerebral blood flow, the blood supply to the brain, was found to drop by an average of 7.5 percent in the men wearing a necktie, with no drop reported in the control group. The difference is likely to...
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EYES: Should be bulging out of the socket and should not be cloudy, bloodshot and sunken. GILLS: Should be bright red and not slimy or dark. SCALES: Should be firmly attached to the skin. GUT: Should be firmly attached to the bone and not discoloured. BODY: Should have a firm, elastic texture when poked. SKIN: Should be bright and glossy with a luminous, wet sheen and not dull and dry. SMELL:...
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