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Day: August 24, 2020

CAP is sickened by Penang ferry total KO

The Consumers’ Association of Penang (CAP) is appalled by the latest consignment of the last of the four ferries in service to the workshop for “technical reasons”, stranding thousands of commuters who depended on the ferry service. It was only end July when five of the ferries were out of order and commuters had to wait for about an hour for the ferry. Commuters had to be shuttled from...
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15-storey Resort and Spa on Fraser’s Hill approved

RAUB: THE Raub district office has clarified that the construction of the 15-storey Fraser's Hill Resort and Spa, which has upset environmentalists, is above board. The project, they said, was set to proceed according to schedule as it had obtained the go-ahead from the Raub District Council. A source from the district office said there was "nothing unusual" about the project, which received all...
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So advertisers are there to make you discontented and unhappy so that you will part with your hard-earned money and buy more.They create a world of fantasy where everyone is beautiful and smiling (happy?), things will always work out if you buy their products which will fulfil your need for love, status, power, sex -- all the things that promise happiness, but cause unhappiness. They also prey...
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