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Day: November 16, 2020

DESIGNED TO MAKE KIDS OBESE: Checkout Counter Displays

Why do checkout counter displays always sell sweets, chocolates, candies and other unhealthy snacks? And often at the eye level of kids? A UK government-funded study showed that 76% fewer purchases of sweets and candies were bought from supermarkets that do not stock them at checkouts than at those that do. The checkout displays tempt kids to put these items into the shopping carts when the...
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Mercury In Skin Whitening Cosmetics

Thony Dizon, EcoWaste Coalition’s (EWC) Chemical Safety Campaigner, talked about EWC’s work against the many risks of mercury in skin whitening cosmetics that are widely sold in Asia. In the Philippines, skin whitening or bleaching is a big business, and is especially popular among women and girls. However, mercury can directly affect women’s health, especially those of child bearing age....
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Citizen Science and Women’s Health

  PAMELA MILLER, IPEN Co-chair and Co-chair of the IPEN Women’s Caucus, discusses how citizen science plays a huge role in women’s health and health policies. Pamela shared the results of a small study by Commonweal and IPEN participating organizations that investigated levels of certain persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in women’s breast milk. The study found that samples from...
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IPEN Virtual Conference 2020

Day 2 of the conference (11 Nov 2020) focused on gender, with 43 participants from 11 countries coming together to share their thoughts on how to better achieve gender equality using citizen science approaches to environmental problems. The highly experienced campaigners on our panel shared moving stories of women’s struggles and victories though on-the-ground campaigns in their respective...
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