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Day: February 20, 2021

Break Free From Plastic

Before single-use plastic was popularized by multinational corporations based in the global north, food and produce in Asia were traditionally packaged in organic materials. “In the Philippines, meat vendors wrapped meat in banana leaves or strung them using bamboo twine. Vendors also used tree leaves to wrap other goods such as fruits, vegetables, fish etc. This is still being done in some...
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Why We Should Do Away with Single-Use Products

> MORE THAN 90% OF PLASTICS produced NOT RECYCLABLE. > 3 BIL TREES CUT down TO MAKE PAPER PACKAGING each year. Single-use products, from packaging to food containers, to disposable cups and cutlery, are a key contributor to the 2 billion tonnes of waste that humans produce every year. That number is projected to increase 70% by 2050. Before the 1950s and 60s, the majority of the products...
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The case below illustrates the existence of unethical practices in the insurance trade and the policy of finding or even engineering excuses not to pay up unless consumers fight back and put them in a corner. CASE 1 A young man whose family was living in a rubber estate in Gurun was himself working in a factory some 10-15 km from home and travelling to and fro on a motorcycle. As is the norm...
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Today (20 February) is WORLD DAY OF SOCIAL JUSTICE – a global observance that highlights the social injustice throughout the world and suggests solutions and improvements for it. This year’s theme is "A Call for Social Justice in the Digital Economy". The digital economy is transforming the world of work. Over the past decade, expansion in broadband connectivity, cloud computing, and data...
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