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Day: May 4, 2021


Click here to buy CAP BOOKS STOREWIDE PROMOTION 20 Apr-20May 30% discount. Visit the CAP bookshop at Book size: 215 x 145 mm Pages: 112 This is not surprising considering the advancements in modern food technology which is always looking for new food additives and new ways to reduce costs and maximise profits. Consider the feeding of cattle with chicken droppings, rearing maggots for animal...
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Buying fresh fish – what to look for

    Buying fresh fish - what to look for Buying fresh fish is a difficult task for those without the knowledge or experience in the selection of fish. Here we show you what to look for when buying fresh fish. Eat the fish on the day you buy it, if possible. This is because fish, like any other perishable food will lose its edible life very quickly. Pick a stall that has good patronage....
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Reasons why KWAN should not be touched

The Consumers Association of Penang (CAP) is shocked that the government has used its emergency powers to tap into the National Trust Fund (KWAN) for vaccine expenses on 21 April 2021. A new subsection was added to KWAN Act which permits the use of KWAN funds for “the procurement of vaccines and any expenditure incurred in relation to the vaccines for an epidemic of any infectious disease as...
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