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Day: November 9, 2023


Having a daily snack of almonds could help you recover quicker from your workout. Almonds heal exercise-induced muscle damage, soreness and inflammation, says a recent study in Frontiers in Nutrition. In a 4-week trial, men and women who consumed 57 grams of almonds (about 2 handfuls) had reduced muscle damage and fatigue, plus better post-exercise strength. They also had a 69% increase in...
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STOP the sale of decorative lights immediately

With the approaching festive season which ends in February next year, shops and stalls are already flooded with a wide range of decorations. Traditional decorations are apparently being overtaken by decorative lights, most of which are flimsy in construction and may cause electric shock and are fire hazards. They are sold in violation of our existing regulations. Therefore, the Consumers’...
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