Lead and ill health




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Lead can be dangerous for men, women and children – especially young children and pregnant or breasfeeding women. It causes intellectual disability in children, increases heart disease and stroke risks in men and affects the developing foetus in pregnant women, besides other health effects.

Lead exposure comes from paint, water, food toys, costume jewellery, crockery and other household products.


The Lead Problem   /  Lead is Everywhere and Affects Everyone   /  E-waste and Lead   /  Poisoning from Lead Exposure   /  Particularly Dangerous to Pregnant Women and Children   /  CAP’s Findings on Lead   /  Hobbyists Endangered by Lead   /  Lead in Ceramic Crockery   /  Danger of Lead Exposure for Car Sprayers   /  Lead in House Paints   /  Tests Found Lead in Many Products   /  Regulations on Lead 

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