Sleep = GOOD MENTAL HEALTH. Sleep is vitally important for flushing out toxic waste products that build up in your brain during the day, says a report in Better Health Channel. Accumulation of these toxic proteins are involved in the development of Alzheimer’s Disease. Sleep deprivation is associated with increased risk of both cognitive decline and dementia.

Sleep = HEALTHY WELL-BEING. Insufficient sleep can impact your brain’s functioning including your ability to remember, regulate emotion and attention, the speed you process information and the ability to have insight.

Sleep = BETTER MOOD. Studies show people who are sleep deprived report increases in negative moods (anger, frustration, irritability, sadness) and decreases in positive moods. And sleeplessness is often a symptom of mood disorders, such as depression and anxiety.

Adults should get a full 7-8 hours of sleep each night. What if you don’t? You won’t be yourself. This is how you will feel after a bad night’s sleep.