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Day: January 21, 2021

SAM calls for review and scrapping of the Langkawi reclamation project

On 31 May 2018, the late Sarawak developer, Ting Peh Khiing famous for the Bakun Dam project announced that he would be launching a RM30 billion development project to be built on reclaimed land off the west side of Langkawi island on 01 June 2018. Called the Langkawi New City project, it would be located on 81 hectares of reclaimed land. The proposed project was envisioned to be a high-end...
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How To Destroy The Earth

Consumer culture was promoted in the 1950s to create demand for the factories that came with industrialisation. It become the new "religion", where even spiritual satisfaction was invoked, and we were asked to consume and waste as much as possible for economic growth. It created a new generation of consumers and led us to face the many environmental, spiritual and existential problems that we...
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The Consumer Hypnotized

Marketers use all kinds of tricks, gimmicks, psychological wizardly and emotional blackmail to exploit you to make a purchase. Have you experienced what the retired car salesman described below? And regret the purchase later on? Many of us suffer from IMPULSIVE BUYING. Advertisers create wants and most of the time -- things that are often unnecessary -- are advertised the most. It used to be...
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Understanding Society AND The Making Of A Better World

The World is getting so complex and difficult to fathom, and many us are forced to just accept what is happening as the rich and powerful rule over us. The majority of us are marginalised, oppressed and poor. And the rich is just getting richer while the poor is getting poorer. All this also at the expense of ill health and a polluted, sick environment which is being destroyed. PAOLO FREIRE...
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CONFUSED and COERCED to buy more

Enter any grand shopping mall today and you will lose your bearings. You feel disoriented and don’t know exactly how to get back to the car. Many modern malls use hexagonal floor plans, which have been proven to be among the most difficult to navigate. Once inside such a mall, a customer must traverse a complicated set of 12 hallways arranged at intentionally confusing angles. Disorientation...
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Both are polluting, one dirties the place, the other blatantly dirties our views in a much bigger way. Why the double standards? Why do we punish the poor individual but REWARD THE RICH BUSINESSMEN AND CORPORATIONS. Should we allow the visual pollution and COMMERCIALISATION OF PUBLIC SPACES? Should we not reclaim back our public spaces? Should we let the public by educated by commercial culture,...
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